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About me

When I was manager/designer of a printing house I attended a meeting in the boardroom of a client. They needed help designing a presentation and I gladly accepted the invitation because of my Presentation Specialist experience. We sat with 2 of the company directors, their communication manager and a journalist with the goal of communicating the so needed (cultural) company change they envisioned.


For a while, they talked about the problems and threats that they encountered and the urge they felt to do something about this. It appeared to me that the story was very conceptual and that my presence as a designer was quite premature. But then one of the directors turned to me and asked: "What do you make of all this?"


Quite stunned by this I reacted on impulse. I got up, boldly cleaned the whiteboard and started to reproduce their story in the way I made sense of it. A model of their current circumstances started to appear and I moved to the right to draw the situation they desired. At this point, the other director jumped enthousiasticly from his seat, came over, grabbed the marker from my hand saying "This is great! With this, we can..." and continued drawing the model and their story.


Within 5 minutes everybody was standing in front of the whiteboard collaboration to what would become the start of a very successful business shift.


When at the end of the meeting, they said: "If only all our meetings were this inspiring and productive". I realised that contributing to this process gave me the biggest professional gratification ever. I decided to start my own business using my graphical skills, my visual brain, and my passion for communication to help others to make a change.


With a strong visual brain, I understand things by seeing them. It is a blessing and a curse, visual associations help me in creative and problem solving processes but it can also be confusing by jumping ahead in solutions or seeing things different.


Communication is my passion, I am very much interested in every aspect of the three elements in "MY - MESSAGE - TO YOU".


Graphic Design is more than making beautiful things, it is about making communication work.

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Anjo van den Bos

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graphic design with passion for communication